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What We're About

All you have to do is look down to see that modern footwear is damaging to your feet. And yet, inexplicably, when you go shoe shopping almost everything you see is pointy and not shaped like a foot at all! Even the shoes that are marketed as “healthy footwear” squish your toes and raise your heels. It should not be so difficult to find shoes that let your feet be feet.

The mission of the Barefoot Shoe Finder is to make shoe shopping easy, by bringing together ALL the companies that make truly healthy shoes in one place.

Whether those companies are small, big, or somewhere in-between, they are represented equally here. Because in order to really shake up this market, everyone needs equal opportunity to be seen and heard. No brands are favored and you can’t pay your way onto this list. That means this project has been self-funded by me and my team. If you would like to make a contribution, click here!

A Few Brands to Get You Started

Zuna Shoes Logo
Zuna Shoes
Pricing: $$
Sizes: 30 to 35
La Mexa Barefoot Logo
La Mexa Barefoot
Pricing: $
Sizes: 37 to 44
Crupon Sandals Logo
Crupon Sandals
Pricing: $$
Sizes: 35 to 41
The Drifter Leather Logo
The Drifter Leather
Pricing: $$$
Sizes: 34 to 49
Carets Logo
Pricing: $$$
Sizes: 40 to 47
Koel4kids Logo
Pricing: $$
Sizes: 19 to 47
Vibram Logo
Pricing: $$
Sizes: 29 to 50
Gogsig Logo
Pricing: $$
Sizes: 20 to 27
Paisley Running Sandals Logo
Paisley Running Sandals
Pricing: $$
Sizes: 34 to 50
Camper Logo
Pricing: $$
Sizes: 20 to 48
Gracious May Logo
Gracious May
Pricing: $
Sizes: 16 to 46
Bearfoot Athletics Logo
Bearfoot Athletics
Pricing: $$
Sizes: 40 to 50
Zaqq Logo
Pricing: $$$
Sizes: 37 to 48
Prime Trotter Logo
Prime Trotter
Pricing: $$$
Sizes: 39 to 50
Laboo Leather Logo
Laboo Leather
Pricing: $$
Sizes: 35 to 46
Altra Logo
Pricing: $$
Sizes: 35 to 48

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